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Tips Before A Loss

  1. Inventory your personal belongings periodically.
  2. Take video or pictures of each room. Keep off site or store online.

  3. Keep records or receipts for any purchase over $200. Keep off site or store
  4. online.
  5. Annual preventative maintenance:
    1. Change batteries in smoke detectors/alarms.
    2. A/C checkup, check duct work, change filters monthly.
    3. Check fittings on appliances (washing machine hoses, supply lines, etc.).
    4. Check caulking around windows, exteriors walls and doors.
    5. Full roof inspection.
    6. Check for leaks around faucets, drains, pipes.
    7. Use surge power protectors for electronics.
    8. Have fire extinguishers checked annually.
    9. Check all electrical cords.
    10. When on vacation, turn off water at the main valve, secure all doors and windows and have someone check your home daily.
    11. Check your home, steps, handrails, walkways, and any uneven terrain for potential hazards.